One Channel to Rule Them All

I have switched over to the YouTube OneChannel layout, despite the fact that its sterile whiteness reminds me of hospital linen. They have resorted to such uniformity for the sake of mobile device compatibility. One can still be creative when designing the banner, but it’s more challenging than creating a background image for the soon-to-be-obselete Dec 2011 layout.

But on the bright side, non-partners can actually have a banner image now. The only other selling point for me is the channel trailer, which is auto-played for would-be subscribers. Knowing Youtube / Google, they tend to switch everyone over to their new layouts within weeks of introducing them, so it may be better to adapt than resist.

I have updated my [How to Make Good Sims Machinima] section to include info on how to customize the YT One Channel.

– So I have a [new channel trailer] — in Simlish, with English subtitles.
– I have also started production on StrangeTown Monty 2.01.


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