Machinima, Lets Play, & Popularity

One should not make the mistake of comparing the popularity of
{Directors who are primarily famous for “Let’s Plays”} AND
{Directors who are primarily famous for Machinima}

We know that “Let’s Play” videos are much easier to make, since they are filmed from DIRECT gameplay, with very little extra editing (when compared with machinima) — so they can be produced in a relatively short time. “Let’s Play” videos also reach a larger audience, who are looking for direct references to what can be LITERALLY done in-game, or for a story that can be told in a PURELY gameplay setting.

Machinima is a significantly harder task, since its production style is more like a FILM or TV show. The stories are often more complex, taking much longer to film & edit. The potential audience is also smaller than the “Let’s Plays”, since machinima does not often offer any “literal value” for the majority of Sims Fans who only PLAY their game.

PURE Sims gameplay & PURE Sims machinima are totally different ball games. So you can’t put them all into one GENERIC classification called “Sims Directors”, and compare them based on number of subscribers / views. Is it fair to compare the number of fans of a football team with a basketball team’s fanbase?

My “Machinima-Gameplay Hybrids” blur the line between these extremes. My style is predominantly machinima, yet they smell of gameplay. I do it all on purpose.

I wish more people would prioritize “good quality production” over “gaining popularity” when making their videos. Be it gameplay or machinima, put in more effort to make it engaging.

STM Season 2 Scripts are going well. The exact percentage is unknown, since it’s only complete after I cover all my relevant ideas. Next is the vetting & proofreading, before production may begin.

I take these videos VERY seriously, so it’s particularly annoying when others treat my work as mass-market commodities, thinking I *should* be like a hack writer, producing quickly for their insatiable consumerist appetites. Those who “LOST OUT” would likely feel my frustration when THEIR fans give up on them too, & say *really nice* things to demean the projects that they love. You reap what you sow…


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Sims 2/3/4 Machinima Director, Author & Critic.

3 thoughts on “Machinima, Lets Play, & Popularity”

  1. I love your videos because they’re unique. The quality is more important too, I would like a 5 minute video wich has perfect quality more than an unedited 30 minute Let’s Play. Good to hear that the writing of the script from STM are going good. Good luck! 😉

    1. Thanks Blabla 🙂 I have to be 95% satisfied with the quality of the entire Season 2 scripts, before I even start production on STM 2.01. This is ensure that my later episodes don’t conflict with my earlier ones — won’t wanna ruin a good show with such inconsistencies.

      Unfortunately, quite a lot of fans out there are the consumerist type who don’t understand, & don’t *want* to understand. I can only lead the horse to the water, but I can’t make it drink.

      Late March / April 2013 is only an estimate based on my current workload. Hopefully nothing serious comes to mess it up.

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