Monte Vista & A Loner in Strangetown

I finally bought Sims3 Monte Vista. Still accessing the possibility of using this town for some of the STM Season 2 flashbacks. I also tried writing a normal blog post on it, but it sounded like a full-blown STM Analysis, so I’ve posted it here:

[Analysis (1.09-1.11): Sims 3 Monte Vista: Veronaville Feud, Age Discrepancies & Retcon]
The Chronosym Twins’ (Secreti Metis & BreakSystemBSE) latest project, “A.Loner in Strangetown”, is a result of a supercharged caffeine craze, with a whopping 7 (!!) episodes so far within the first fortnight of 2013. Apparently, the lightning speed does not appear to have compromised the production quality. I believe they had the scripts WAY before they began this spree.

I don’t expect the effects of their coffee “elixir” to last forever, since they have other commitments. I am NOT going on a coffee craze to boost my production rate… 😮

[1.1 – Strangetown, Here I Come] [1.2 – Meet the Neighborhood]
[1.3 – Meet the Beakers] [1.4 – Meet the Curious]
[1.5 – All the Single Ladies] [1.6 – Meet the Specters]
[1.7 – Meet the Smiths]

They have two more series which are going at a significantly slower pace (understatement), because those have audible Simlish in it. “Chronicles of Old Haven” (CoOH) is a huge project (10 volumes of approx 10 episodes each) that spans almost all default Sims neighborhoods, while “A Hero’s Tale” (AHT) is a CoOH spinoff with ties to StrangeTown Monty.

I’ll say their shows are the closest you can find to mine on YouTube. That’s why I keep pointing you to their work, especially when I’m still in between videos.


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2 thoughts on “Monte Vista & A Loner in Strangetown”

  1. According to Consort’s memories they (him and Patrizio) met as children and fell out when he met Contessa. Patrizio and Contessa went out for a while as did her and Consort. I don’t think this would start a family feud. If we move on a little, Patrizio and Isabella are married with their kids and his parents in Monte Vista. They could’ve just moved here. In Consort’s bio it doesn’t clearly state why he and Patrizio fell out, only mentioning they were once business partners. The Monty’s then return to Veronaville a short while after their stint in Monte Vista with all events leading up to The Sims 2 occuring. Hope I managed to explain this clear enough, just say if you want me to elaborate :-).

    1. I don’t completely agree with this. The two men certainly fell out over Contessa, turning the two would-be patriarches against each other. If they can’t even stand the sight of each other, this is enough for them to raise their new families to consider the other clan as enemies.

      In Sims3, the Monty family’s description is “There is no way they could one day *meet* another family who would become their ultimate rivals…” giving the impression that they have *never heard* of the Capps before.

      You could argue that Patrizio “ran away from Veronaville” to “go to Monte Vista”, and escape Consort for about 5-10 years, OR Consort & Contessa eloped but came back. Many of the Monte Vista streets are named after Veronaville, suggesting that the two places are the same, or at least meant to be similar.

      In Sims2, both Patrizio & Isabella were employed in the Culinary track as adults. In Sims3, it’s Medicine & Journalism instead. If they can alter this about the character’s backstories, they can alter just about anything. And I can alter whatever l like too, even the birth orders.

      You could write new fanon in an attempt to explain away the apparent inconsistencies. But my fiction doesn’t need to bow to every new thing EA comes out with. Sims storytelling will be dead and monotonous if we adhered strictly to “gameplay truths”.

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