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Aldo Hyde is a Sims 2/3/4 Machinima Director, Author, Critic, Game Guide Writer & Hyde Dynamic Racing Man.

He is best known for the StrangeTown Monty (STM) Sims 2 Simlish Machinima Series, a scientific conspiracy & psychological drama; its spinoff Sims screenshot stories: PVCS vs STM Football 2015 / 2035 Matches, and Goals of Daniel Pleasant (GODP).

– What Video Editor do you use? Corel VideoStudio.

– How do you get such a clear picture when filming? Read this article.

– Which Expansions do you have? All Expansions, since I can make videos on ALL DEFAULT Monsters & Ghosts. Stuff Packs: Happy Holiday, H&M, Teen Style, Ikea.

– Why are your sims wearing makeup? I use replacements of the default skins. That’s how the faces are like for these custom skins. Download [Skins] & [Eyes].

– Why do you insist we read the FAQs of your individual Machinima?
It is more efficient this way. I take PAINS to make the FAQs on this website as comprehensive as possible. YT Video comments get “buried” over time, & I don’t like answering the same questions over & over.

– Why don’t you film more with Sims 3? The towns (worlds) look great, and customizing the sets have never been easier in Sims 3. But for now, I can’t get over the fact that Sims3 sims look like plasticine models. I also find it harder to control the sims & sets for the actual production process.

– Is your real name “Aldo” and/or “Hyde”, or neither?
I prefer not to confirm any of these possibilities. My username is derived from “aldehyde”, a real class of organic chemicals.

“AldoHyde” also happens to be in the form “MontyCapp”, but that’s a coincidence, since I’ve been using this name long before I even thought of STM.

– I wish more people would prioritize “good quality production” over “gaining popularity” when making their videos. Be it gameplay or machinima, put in more effort to make it engaging. [Ongoing Machinima Challenge]

Gameplay: Direct, literal. What “really” happens “normally” in-game.

Machinima: “Machine Cinema” – storytelling using game video clips. More “imaginative”.
Game animations may be re-interpreted for the story.

“Machinima-Gameplay Hybrids” blur the line between these extremes.

AH & STM Sites using 2011 WP ThemeYou can’t DIRECTLY compare the popularity of “Let’s Play” Directors with “Machinima” Directors.

Machinima usually has less hits/subscribers than “lets play”, because machinima often doesn’t offer any LITERAL value to the majority of Sims fans (who only want to play the game).

Lumping “Lets Play” & “Machinima” Directors together as “Sims Directors” is like comparing a football team to a basketball team.

I’m protective over the [Racing Videos], since they are my best gaming memory from the pre-Sims era. You won’t want others to say bad things about a similar memory of yours, so don’t do that to me.

Due to the release dates of GTR98 (1997) and Sims 2 (2004), I would be familiar with the Racing Men before I “met” any default character from Strangetown / Veronaville.

My Werewolf Avatar (before 2012)– Everyone has the right to have their own versions of “default sims” (characters created by game developers). All versions are equally valid.

– However, we should be careful NOT to “abuse” other simmers’ original CAS (Create-A-Sim) characters.

If you want to use somebody else’s original CAS sims in your stories / shows, be polite and ask them first — they have every right to say “no”.

– British & American versions of English spelling are equally correct in my eyes.

– I actually have less patience with machinima WITHOUT subtitles, since I prefer to read than listen. This is why I tend to lose interest in machinima that uses ONLY voiceovers in a human language (with NO subtitles), even if they speak English.

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None of my projects are cancelled, unless I *explicitly* say so on: AldoHyde.com, the Exclusive Updates Portal for my machinima / stories / other creations. Popularity is NOT my priority.

Some SIMLISH words have established translations.
But not ALL of them need dictionary-style “rigid definitions”.

If meanings can be strictly decoded,
phrases become boring and repetitive.

Simlish should be fluid & free for imagination.
STM’s Simlish is my trade secret.
I don’t answer questions on this.

My videos cannot be rushed.
They are ART, not mass-market commodities.

If I rush, I risk not doing justice to my ideas,
or worse still, burn out & stop completely.

RED CARD Offences:

1. Saying anything against my
Racing videos / Racing Men

2. Abusing my Sims stuff in any way

3. Other “bad faith” attitudes / behavior:
MY interpretation is final

Aldo Hyde / Dr. Prometheus / Hyde Dynamic

Someone out here is experimenting, & the whole Sims world is his lab…


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Sims 2/3/4 Machinima Director, Author & Critic.