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Aldo Hyde is a Sims 2/3/4 Machinima Director, Author, Critic, Game Guide Writer & Hyde Dynamic Racing Man.

He is best known for the StrangeTown Monty (STM) Sims 2 Simlish Machinima Series, a scientific conspiracy & psychological drama; its spinoff Sims screenshot stories: PVCS vs STM Football 2015 / 2035 Matches, and Goals of Daniel Pleasant (GODP), and StrangeTown: Specter Yard Conspiracy (STSYC).

– What Video Editor do you use? Corel VideoStudio.

– How do you get such a clear picture when filming? Read this article.

– Which Expansions do you have? All Expansions, since I can make videos on ALL DEFAULT Monsters & Ghosts. Stuff Packs: Happy Holiday, H&M, Teen Style, Ikea.

– Why are your sims wearing makeup? I use replacements of the default skins. That’s how the faces are like for these custom skins. Download [Skins] & [Eyes].

– Why do you insist we read the FAQs of your individual Machinima?
It is more efficient this way. I take PAINS to make the FAQs on this website as comprehensive as possible. YT Video comments get “buried” over time, & I don’t like answering the same questions over & over.

– Why don’t you film more with Sims 3 / Sims 4? The towns (worlds) look great, and customizing the sets have never been easier in Sims 3. But for now, I can’t get over the fact that Sims3 sims look like plasticine models. I also find it harder to control the sims & sets for the actual production process.

It is clear how a game from 2004 (Sims 2) differs from a game from 2014 (Sims 4). Do you recall how we had to manually buy mobile phones for our sims in the Sims 2 University Expansion Pack, as these were not available by default in the base game? But at this time, I do not see myself controlling the sets/characters for machinima in Sims 4 as thoroughly as I do in Sims 2.

I tend to load Sims 4 for casual gameplay instead of for carefully-constructed storytelling. Most people tend to find new games more fascinating than old ones, though this is certainly not true for my approach to Racing Games. However, my tendency to NOT let go of old games works in favor of me holding on to Sims 2 to complete STM.

AH Site using 2015 WP Theme– Is your real name “Aldo” and/or “Hyde”, or neither?
I prefer not to confirm any of these possibilities. My username is derived from “aldehyde”, a real class of organic chemicals.

“AldoHyde” also happens to be in the form “MontyCapp”, but that’s a coincidence, since I’ve been using this name long before I even thought of STM.

STM Site using 2015 WP Theme– What is your timezone? / Which country are you from / in?

I prefer not to discuss ANY of these, especially if I don’t know you personally. My ONLY answer for this is “Strangetown”.

– Do you speak other languages besides English?

Please use only English to communicate with me.

– I wish more people would prioritize “good quality production” over “gaining popularity” when making their videos. Be it gameplay or machinima, put in more effort to make it engaging. [Ongoing Machinima Challenge]

Gameplay: Direct, literal. What “really” happens “normally” in-game.

Machinima: “Machine Cinema” – storytelling using game video clips. More “imaginative”.
Game animations may be re-interpreted for the story.

“Machinima-Gameplay Hybrids” blur the line between these extremes.

AH & STM Sites using 2011 WP ThemeYou can’t DIRECTLY compare the popularity of “Let’s Play” Directors with “Machinima” Directors.

Machinima usually has less hits/subscribers than “lets play”, because machinima often doesn’t offer any LITERAL value to the majority of Sims fans (who only want to play the game).

Lumping “Lets Play” & “Machinima” Directors together as “Sims Directors” is like comparing a football team to a basketball team.

I’m protective over the [Racing Videos], since they are my best gaming memory from the pre-Sims era. You won’t want others to say bad things about a similar memory of yours, so don’t do that to me.

Due to the release dates of GTR98 (1997) and Sims 2 (2004), I would be familiar with the Racing Men before I “met” any default character from Strangetown / Veronaville.

My Werewolf Avatar (before 2012)– Everyone has the right to have their own versions of “default sims” (characters created by game developers). All versions are equally valid.

– However, we should be careful NOT to “abuse” other simmers’ original CAS (Create-A-Sim) characters.

If you want to use somebody else’s original CAS sims in your stories / shows, be polite and ask them first — they have every right to say “no”.

– British & American versions of English spelling are equally correct in my eyes.

– I actually have less patience with machinima WITHOUT subtitles, since I prefer to read than listen. This is why I tend to lose interest in machinima that uses ONLY voiceovers in a human language (with NO subtitles), even if they speak English.

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None of my projects are cancelled, unless I *explicitly* say so on: AldoHyde.com, the Exclusive Updates Portal for my machinima / stories / other creations. Popularity is NOT my priority.

Some SIMLISH words have established translations.
But not ALL of them need dictionary-style “rigid definitions”.

If meanings can be strictly decoded,
phrases become boring and repetitive.

Simlish should be fluid & free for imagination.
STM’s Simlish is my trade secret.
I don’t answer questions on this.

My videos cannot be rushed.
They are ART, not mass-market commodities.

If I rush, I risk not doing justice to my ideas,
or worse still, burn out & stop completely.

RED CARD Offences:

1. Saying anything against my
Racing videos / Racing Men

2. Abusing my Sims stuff in any way

3. Other “bad faith” attitudes / behavior:
MY interpretation is final

Aldo Hyde / Dr. Prometheus / Hyde Dynamic

Someone out here is experimenting, & the whole Sims world is his lab…