Return of the Montys

The Monty family returns in Sims3’s “Monte Vista” world. I am SO pleased that the characters THEY chose are Bianca (child), Antonio (toddler)**, and their parents Patrizio & Isabella Monty.

Which means, the game developers believe there’s a market for simmers who are interested in Bianca’s generation. Now I almost NEVER buy extra towns from the Sims3 store, but I’m seriously considering this one. I wonder if there’s a child townie named “Kent Capp” in Monte Vista… and/or perhaps a “Hero Arlecchino”.

In any case, the Veronaville forbidden teen lovers Romeo Monty & Juliette Capp have already returned in Moonlight Falls as Waylon Wolff (werewolf) & Emelie Van Gould (vampire). Waylon’s grandfather “Pappy Wolff” screams “Patrizio Monty” to me; while Emelie’s father “Ayden Van Gould” & brother “Tristan Van Gould” are strong reminders of Consort Capp & Tybalt Capp.

The flip side of Sims3’s prequels is the potential of new canon material conflicting with existing fanon storytelling. So the Montys (now) lived in Monte Vista before moving to Veronaville, at least before Antonio became a child. Thankfully, this is NOT a problem for [StrangeTown Monty]. I’m also thinking about the Goth ghosts in Moonlight Falls, whose spectral line contains potential long-lost second cousins for Mortimer, or third cousins for Cassandra/Alexander.

**(Where’s Claudio Monty? With his sons Romeo & Mercutio older than Antonio’s twins, it makes more sense for him to be the firstborn, Antonio the second, & Bianca the youngest…)


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4 thoughts on “Return of the Montys”

  1. Interesting. Assuming you play The Sims 3, will you be getting this town? If so, will we possibly be seeing flashbacks of Bianca’s childhood in Monte Vista? 🙂

  2. To All: I am still interested in Monte Vista, but I’ll prefer to have it on a disc, so I’ll wait till it arrives in stores. It’s not easy to film in Sims 3, so I wouldn’t know if I’ll incorporate anything from Monte Vista into STM.

    I still don’t see why Bianca should be the oldest, even if Isabella is pre-pregnant with Claudio. It doesn’t make any sense that the youngest sibling should end up with the oldest children. I have the same problem with Cordelia Capp (Juliette’s mother) being younger than Goneril, Regan AND Kent. What makes more sense to me: Cordelia (1), Goneril (2), Regan (3), Kent (4).

    But in the Sims2 game, Antonio’s age meter shows he’s older than Bianca. So for the purposes of STM, I made the birth order Claudio (1), Antonio (2) & Bianca (3). Never mind the order in Monte Vista. In my show, Kent is the same age as Bianca. Will Antonio dare do what he did in STM 1.09 if he were younger than Kent?

    I’m starting to wonder if the Sims3 game developers have seen STM. It is a possibility.

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