Moonlight Falls Irony

After a long hiatus from Sims3, I have recently got back into it after buying the Supernatural EP. I finally got to see a possible Sims 3 version of my Hyde Wolf.
Even funnier, while playing as a ghost hunter in Moonlight Falls

Sims 3 Moonlight Falls: Goth Ghost Irony

Seems like the Goth Ghosts don’t play well with OTHER kinds of apparitions…
Since I had been in the Sims 3 universe for the past weeks,
I didn’t have much time to be in the Sims 2 STM world.
But of course, I will be going back in sometime soon to continue STM 1.11.


2 Replies to “Moonlight Falls Irony”

  1. Nice! I enjoy your racing videos! Esspecially the bloopers. 🙂 And enjoy your Sims 3 game, I hope you have a great time with it.

    1. Thank you for giving the Racing videos a chance. I’m glad you found some of them enjoyable 🙂
      Meanwhile, Sims 3 gameplay may give me some ideas for other possible (Sims 2) videos…

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