STM 1.10: 100%

Through the Looking Glass & What Bianca Found There…
[STM 1.10, #10: Hyde Dynamic 1]

Now you know WHY I don’t release episode titles in advance…

Here are some wikipedia links to clarify some of the concepts in this episode, but you should only click them AFTER you’ve finished watching (contains spoilers).

[Link 1] [Link 2] [Link 3]

Vote in the New STM #10 Poll.
How many got the STM#9 Poll (Who Sent the Email) correct?

STM 1.11 (#11) will be the Season 1 Finale.
Of course, there will be a few “Racing Days” before it hits YT.

Season 2 scripts are still in the writing phase.
Rushing is not conducive for my quality standards.


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Sims 2/3/4 Machinima Director, Author & Critic.

3 thoughts on “STM 1.10: 100%”

  1. The episode was short but sweet… and I must admit, I’m VERY curious to find out what happens now.

    Just a thought to consider… Does Dr. Hyde have a Jekyll? 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! Great episode Aldo! It all comes clear now! It’s awesome how you put yourself in it, it’s awesome! (Love the background music by the way :D)

    1. I’m pleased that you appreciate the RegularSim-Watcher dynamics. It wasn’t easy to pull off, especially since *this* Watcher doesn’t focus on relatively “harmless” gameplay like family/romance soap operas, but “bizarre” science/psychological stuff.

      The background music is a result of my meddling with heavy metal soundtracks (creative commons) for the *Racing videos*. Movie-making skills from one genre impacts another — quantum entanglement 😉

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