Updates & Quantum Entanglement

– Good news on STM#10 – it’s around 25% done.
– It’s also heartening to see that the number of votes for the STM#9 poll is (a rather high) 10% of the total episode viewcount.

[SimsDynamic.com] has also seen SOME activity, as we would expect of a new forum whose administrators are busy with work concerns. If you have Sims stories / videos to share, the forum is still in “new mode” in terms of receiving newcomers. If you’re nice, we won’t bite. 😉

– Many Sims fans make the mistake of assuming that “Racing & Sims are necessarily two separate games competing for my attention”. Actually, both these groups of videos are linked in an abstract way such that they influence each other.

A Racing fan who watches my car videos decides to check out STM, wondering why it has so many views. He^ sees a well-crafted story in a well-edited video, whose Sims context he is unfamiliar with. He may spot similarities (production style & thought processes) in the Sims videos that are also present in his preferred racing videos. Similarly, Sims fans who look hard enough may be able to see Sims/STM hints in my Racing videos.

^ My Racing viewers are almost exclusively male, while my Sims viewers are 30M-70F.

If only we can look past the immediate concrete subject matters (that appear so disparate), and see how separate abstract “universes” are quantum-entangled. In fact, if one universe suffers, the other is hardly exempt, because both are intricately linked to the author’s thought processes.


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Sims 2/3/4 Machinima Director, Author & Critic.

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