STM 1.09 & Logic 101

Breaking News… StrangeTown Monty #9 is MORE than 50% complete.
It’s a NORMAL thing to see BOTH Racing & Sims videos on my YT channel. I am still busy at work.

To those who are more understanding & supportive, and/or comprehend that my sims stuff is intricate art that requires concentration:
thank you for not giving up on me. 🙂

Who says the series is over?
Why make inaccurate assumptions based on inconclusive data?

Some Directors go through hard times. It’s in situations like these where we find out who our “true fans” are. Some unsubscribe at the mere sight of my Racing videos, OR when I don’t produce what THEY want in a period of time THEY determine – as if I were not entitled to upload anything else I like on MY OWN channel.

Such FAULTY reasoning sounds like this:
“AH uploads only racing videos for past few months”
(100% proves that) “AH will never make Sims videos again!!”

UTTERLY ABSURD. Shock-effect reasoning is often logically unsound x(


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Sims 2/3/4 Machinima Director, Author & Critic.

4 thoughts on “STM 1.09 & Logic 101”

  1. Seeing as I fit the bill for the “understanding/realize” statement, your welcome. ^^

    I look forward to seeing the episode whenever it is ready. Considering I begin my college courses once again tomorrow, I hold the promise of new (relatively soon) episodes of my favorite shows (whether they be web-oriented, or shown on TV) to heart, & do my best to wait patiently.

    I just know this’ll be your best bet Aldo, & I’m definitely looking forward to it! 😀

  2. Thanks guys for your understanding… if only more fans were like you two 8)

    It’s not easy for me to get the right conditions these days. I persevere by brute force whenever I can.

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