AH’s YouTube Story & Director’s Perspectives

I started off as normal Sims fan. Normal as in, actually playing the Sims game regularly, and having some interest in what other fans did with their game.

I realized that Machinima has a profoundly impressive effect on the fandom, since there are MANY simultaneous production parameters that must be done correctly for the shows to be watchable, let alone captivating.

Over two years, I made several standalone Sims movies to test the waters. Most were good enough to be mildly popular, while three of them became massive hits.

Then one day, I had a eureka moment, that led me to write a storyboard, which became the full-blown episodes of StrangeTown Monty. STM attracts viewers from both the (realistic machinima)+(gameplay) camps. I pay careful attention to the script, Simlish and timing. I inspect every second of each episode under a microscope, only uploading when I’m 99% satisfied. The high viewcount is also a result of its association with “18 Ways to Kill a Sim / Veronaville Disaster”, my most popular video.

If you make standalones, you get hits.
If you make series, you get subscribers.

From my statistics, a vast majority of STM fans are teenagers & children, the age groups (NOT ALL of them are) notorious for demanding instant gratification. They often do not understand the responsibilities of adults, sometimes demanding that we do things according to their schedules, at times not even respecting others’ decisions.

I’ve always believed that machinima directors don’t owe anything to their fans, so fans have no right to demand new episodes (often with the threat to unsubscribe). First understand that machinima is a hobby, and we are free to participate in it as much or as little as we like. Like any other hobby, we come and go whenever we want.

But SOME fans with unreasonable attitudes tend to bug successful Directors to produce WHAT THEY WANT, WHEN THEY WANT, and make sensational assumptions that the series *must* be over, because a certain period of time has passed without a new episode.

But Directors have the right to use their free time any way they like, and upload any of their productions anytime on their channel. Especially if they are adults under the burden of work, they may not have the right frame of mind to create the episodes that require more attention.

Sometimes they create other types of videos which require less effort on their part, and they get ridiculous comments demanding new installments of the other preferred work. Such comments are a slap in the face, showing obvious disrespect for the Director’s right to do things in his own timing. That is why I insist there shall be NO asking for the next STM episode, or open false assumptions that STM has ended, in the YT Comments of my RACING videos.

I can tell you frankly that I have the complete scripts of STM 1.09 to 1.11. I am just too tired these days to do justice to them. Note also that I’ve changed the numbering system: suggesting that I have actually planned a Season 2. But it all depends on my work — remember that I’m not paid to create STM. Also, STM is NOT over until I SAY that it’s over.

Be patient. This world doesn’t revolve around you. Sometimes you need to wait for the things you want. If you don’t see the videos you’re expecting on a director’s channel, move on and watch something else for the day. Remember we all started off as fans, so nobody owes anyone anything.


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Sims 2/3/4 Machinima Director, Author & Critic.

7 thoughts on “AH’s YouTube Story & Director’s Perspectives”

  1. I am hoping I am not classed under the group of ignorant children. I completely understand. I have been working on the script for a project for two years, and I am not close to completing it. While people never demanded I upload something, the fact people do so to you is astounding, I still felt rushed by people asking if I was going to send out lines. That resulted in my doing nothing for a couple months. I am glad that you are not caving into the wants of other people. Strangetown Monty is produced with superb quality and rushing would diminish that. I would be fine if you took years to produce the next episode; I will still be in your little subscribers’ box.
    I am only fourteen, but I still experience business with schoolwork, dance and guitar. When I do have spare time, I prefer to spend it doing what I want, which is generally watching Criminal Minds marathons (my new obsession) or killing things (Xbox).

    1. Kathleen, thank you for your comment (I have amended your typos). You are one of the promising youths who do not fall into the “ignorant children” category. That’s why I was careful to qualify my statement about your age group.

      I do things on my own terms, and know exactly what conditions I need to produce work that I’m satisfied with. The inconsiderate fans who rush Machinima Directors often have not tried making their own videos, or make lousy rushed videos. They probably do not know the difference between a trash novel and a literary classic. Try demanding any of the great painters to finish a masterpiece by a specific date… 😉

      Hopefully it won’t take “years” for me to produce STM#9. Optimally, I will be able to complete a complex Sims video every 2-4 months, while posting easy racing gameplay whenever I’m too busy to concentrate on my Sims craft. 🙂

      I have a story to tell. I just wish I have the time & conditions to finish it… 😦

  2. Do I need to sic the Simanarchs on some sim, or do we need the Grandfather Clock? :L

    Just view their begging as praises and cherishments Prometheus. Otherwise they will become like many flies you cannot swat away. :c

    1. Both, I suppose. Simanarches AND Grandfather Clock.
      Or perhaps “Logic 101” lessons at Hyde Dynamic.

      “Racing videos as my latest uploads CLEARLY STATES that STM has ended”. That’s the “sensational assumption” that I hate, and more so if it DEFILES my Racing Videos YT Comments x( 😦

      If only the people could see it as “Sims Racing: New World Adventures”. 😎

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