Ophelia’s Fate; YouTube Subscriber Errors

STM #9 is still in progress. No numbers this time, but it’s a wonder I even made it this far, considering the difficult fortnight I had.

Ophelia Nigmos’ fate will be clear in STM 1.09…
[Credit to BSE for the grim quote 😉 ]
The [Polls] remain open to those who haven’t voted.

Recently, YouTube has been removing closed user accounts from Subscriptions. Channels with a significant number of subscribers see a notable drop in their subscriber count, so that channel owners will know how many of their subscribers are active users. Unfortunately, this automated process has been somewhat buggy, since some legitimate active subscribers get “accidentally” removed from channels they still wish to stay subscribed to.

If you are my YT subscriber, please check if you have been unsubscribed by mistake, and re-subscribe if you still enjoy my videos. Thanks.


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