STM#9 Started, YT Search, AST Wikia

STM#9 has started. Bear in mind that I have the right to upload anything else on my YT Channel, and that I can’t possibly be filming/editing STM all the time during my leisure. STAY subscribed if you wish to be notified immediately when the official STM episodes are actually released.

I am very pleased that people have been actively seeking my videos on YT. (“Veronaville Disaster”, aka “18 Ways to Kill Sims”, is StrangeTown Monty #0.) has been defunct for a couple of months now. It’s a pity, since it was a nice, cozy, constructive small community. It was a site with a FULL domain name & hosting (as opposed to “”, which is “only” a URL forwarder).

These paid solutions work wonderfully when the site owner is still passionate about the hobby, but you can count on such sites to disappear when the owner moves on to other leisurely pursuits. Many other Sims Fansites, which ran on paid hosting, have also disappeared over the years.

Since AST has disappeared, I have “reblogged” on my AH site, FOUR (4) of the more useful pages of its Movie Making Wikia, for other Directors’ reference. Bear in mind that I was one of the moderators who spent lots of time taking care of the AST site. Here we go…

Camera Tips: Sims 2/3
Video Filming Cheats
Camera Hacks: Sims2
Camera Hacks: Sims3


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Sims 2/3/4 Machinima Director, Author & Critic.

3 thoughts on “STM#9 Started, YT Search, AST Wikia”

  1. Your’e amount of fans is growing, congrats
    My friends are watching STM too, and they like it
    I also want to watch Fringe, but it isn’t on Dutch television 😦

    1. Whoa… are your friends Sims fans too?

      As for Fringe, you could watch some snippets on YouTube, and read some synopses at But nothing beats watching the actual full episodes, since we only buy DVDs when we’re sure we enjoy the show.

      STM isn’t *exactly* like Fringe, though there are some similarities in terms of characterization and plot. More importantly, I captured the “Fringe aura” for a scientific conspiracy show set in the Sims World. Some STM Fans also watch Fringe, and can smell it in the STM air…

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