STM #8: Mediator – 100%

At Last…
[STM #8: Mediator] — 100%. Enjoy 🙂

All STM Pages on this Website have been moved to:
[StrangeTown Monty Official Site]

FRINGE, the Sci-Fi show that inspires STM, has been renewed for a 5th & final season.


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Sims 2/3/4 Machinima Director, Author & Critic.

3 thoughts on “STM #8: Mediator – 100%”

      1. Yes, my parents and myself are the only Fringe watchers I know personally. I have tried to get others to watch it, but three words into my brief explanation most are generally bored. I had been so fearful that it would be cancelled…
        I dislike how many people are abandoning the most amazing television show in the modern era behind the excuse of it being too confusing. I have only being watching from the end of season three, I am a mere thirteen years of age and I understand it perfectly.

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