STM #8 : 25%,

StrangeTown Monty #8 is now 25% in the works. Don’t forget that I’m an adult who needs to work for a living. Delays were caused by overwork, sickness & immense dissatisfaction with the opening scene. So the largest barrier, the opening scene, is *finally* out of the way, and the production will most probably speed up from here 🙂

I actually tore down one of the default houses & built a new one in its place. Make your guess in the latest Poll.
(Poll closes on STM #8 Release Day, together with the STM #7 “Unknown Man”.)

I forgot to highlight the Analysis Section on STM Season 1. These are notes/observations to help viewers understand the less obvious nuances of the show. So far, all of it is written by my friend BSE. I will write more of my own later.

Wait a minute… STM Season ONE?
Is there gonna be a Season TWO? Yes.
The main ideas are intact, but the actual script is still in the writing phase.

This site has now been rebranded, after my official purchase of the domain name.This is a shorter url to get you to the front page for updates. 😀

This also tells you that I’m still quite serious about my machinima hobby, even if I produce episodes slower than usual. I have good ideas. I just need time to present them in a way that I’m satisfied with.

So if you normally do not watch Science Fiction Psychology shows, but for whatever reason are still captivated by StrangeTown Monty, I am pleased. 😎

So Stay Subscribed if you wish to watch STM Episodes the moment they are uploaded, or Subscribe Now if you like the show, but have not already done so.


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