The Road Not Taken: AH on Voiceover Logistics, Pleasantview “Copiers” & Doons99P’s Pleasantview

– as the age/gender demographic differs greatly from…
– how different can one Pleasantview plot be from another, especially if the story sticks with mainly the default characters?
– Instead of being upset about the lack of closure of her PV series…

EDIT (Feb 18, 2014): Note the original date of this post. Doons has come in and out of hiatus several times since then.

You might wonder why I use Simlish for StrangeTown Monty. For Machinima on Default Sims neighborhoods, the Simlish approach may be more convenient & effective than the logistical nightmare of getting human voiceovers who speak English.

Human voiceovers are more feasible in “realistic machinima” (those with recognizable real-world settings, which use lots of custom content to mimic TV shows/movies). These tend to have a character cast whose roles are more easily filled by the age/gender demographic that Sims machinima generally attracts.

The pool of available female teen/adult voices is much larger than for male voices of any age. In some cases, once a director gets hold of one male actor, he may take on multiple roles.

It’s just not logistically feasible to expect ENOUGH adult/elder male voices for Sims neighborhoods, as the age/gender demographic differs greatly from the “pool of available voices from fans”.

Not many men are interested in Sims machinima, even those who do may / may not wish to make their voice available. On top of that, any voice actor must have interest in the show they are asked to lend their voice to. Adult men are unlikely to identify with stories that focus on the concerns of the dominant demographic of teenage girls, but are more likely to be open to storylines targeted to their own age group.

I’m not a voice actor. I’m just a Director with lots of experience with Simlish 🙂

Pleasantview is the most accessible of the Sims2 Base Game default neighborhoods, as it depicts a regular suburb that most people can identify first-hand with. As a result, Pleasantview stories/machinima are more often produced / demanded than those of the Sci-Fi Strangetown & Shakespearean Veronaville. People can only create stories based on the shows/movies/books that they choose to watch/read. (The STM Director has a “Fringed Mind”, so says the Bianca Monty from BreakSystemBSE’s Sim Universe.)

I get the impression that (lesser-known PV Directors) are “obliged” to have different storyline details from (more famous PV Directors) just to keep the flamers away. Allegations like “You copied (insert famous PV Director’s username here)!! Can’t you think of your own story??”

Of course, we should all try to think of our own stories, & not blatantly rip off someone else’s, or our work looks like a bootlegged copy of the original “famous” video.

But on the other hand, how different can one Pleasantview plot be from another, especially if the story sticks with mainly the default characters? To be frank, there isn’t a very wide scope to maneuver around. The overall situations are vastly similar with only a few characters switched around.

1. Cassandra-Don wedding: I do / I don’t
2. Pleasant twins: Stay with current partners / Exchange Partners / Completely New Partner(s)
3. Calientes’ opposite personality: Nina throws Dina out, reason varies
4. Daniel Pleasant’s maid affair: Inevitable discovery. Gets divorce / Leaves lover
5. Mortimer Goth: hooks up with Dina / waits for Bella’s return till he dies / Bella returns
6. Darren Dreamer: his fate determined by outcome (1).
7. Don Lothario: Inevitable discovery. Ends up with one of his lovers / scorned by them all, possibly leaving Pleasantview in shame
8. Dustin Broke: Becomes fulltime criminal / Leaves life of crime for varying reasons

And the list goes on.

Since Pleasantview is meant to be the stuff of soap operas, the eventual direction tends to be the one that generates the most drama.

Different Pleasantview plotlines that fall within the parameters I stipulated above are like identical twins with different personalities who make different choices in life. They may do similar things in life, but the actual details differ.

With the soap opera possibilities largely predictable, I guess it eventually boils down to cinematography skill, quality of dialogue, and overall watchability.

Because it’s so overdone, it’s not easy (but NOT impossible) to be “original” with Pleasantview. If you still wish to make a Pleasantview series, ask yourself, why should the audience watch YOUR Pleasantview? What’s so unique about your Pleasantview that will attract a significant number of viewers?

Many Sims Fans are disappointed that Doons99P has stopped making her famous, well-crafted Pleasantview series. Let’s understand that people’s interests change over time, and we all have the right to pursue new hobbies anytime we wish. Machinima Directors don’t owe anything to their fans.

Instead of being upset about the lack of closure of her PV series, we can look back on the artistry of the previous episodes. We can speculate on the possible twists and turns, but accept that we may never conclusively know what she planned for the show.

We can also look out for other series by other Directors. There’s good stuff out there to be discovered by those who care to seek. 😎