STM#7 – 100% – Longer Updates – CoOH 5.4

2012-01-06: STM #7 has come to light 😀

“Progress Updates” were too short, & took up too much space on the sidebar. By changing them to blog format, I am free to write longer updates, and periodically recommend others’ work.

Have been tweaking the site’s overall structure to maximize user-friendliness. Now the site is better-adjusted across most major desktop/laptop/mobile browsers 😀 As much as I enjoy creating machinima, I like to keep improving its associated website. 🙂 The latter requires less hard work.

STM #8‘s script is finally confirmed, which means production may begin shortly.

I’ve also just watched Chronosym’s CoOH 5.4 “Soaring Heights”. You might recognize the cop who chased Loki in STM#7 🙂


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