STM#6 Complete – CoOH 5.2

STM #6 took slightly longer because I had nightmares filming in the Grunt house.
Released: Oct 20 2011 – Watch it HERE

The events of STM #6 (Order) take place more than 12 sim hours after where STM #5 left off. But STM #7 (title to be announced later) will be immediately after the events of STM #5. The reasons for this unusual chronology will be obvious after you watch STM #7.

You can also watch the latest installment of MY favorite series:
(Chronicles of Old Haven: Simlish Series of “Old Town” from “Sims 1 Unleashed”).
Episode 2 is a significant improvement from Episode 1. It deserves more views than it’s currently getting.

Thank you all for your patience & support 🙂


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