STM#5 Complete – Season1: Midpoint

[Strangetown Monty #5: Abducted] is the 5th out of 11 STM Episodes. If you have been following the series for long enough, you would have noticed that new episodes (of average length) take around 3 weeks – 1 month 2-6 months to complete.

Since STM is intricate work, this production time table is likely to continue, as long as I’m alive & not too caught up with real life.

However, there will be a slight hiatus. The next video you’ll likely see on my channel is a Machinima-Gameplay Hybrid Video, much like the old ones I used to specialize in during the pre-STM days.

The earliest possible release for STM#6 is October 2011. The break will be good for me, so that I don’t get burned out doing STM, & am more likely to complete everything I’ve planned for the series. At this point, there are no concrete plans for a STM Season 2 renewal, though this is subject to change.

Machinima is my hobby, & I have the right to decide how I wish to spend my free time. Thank you for your continued support!

Meanwhile, there are a few things you can do while waiting:

1. Vote for what you THINK happened in STM#5. (These votes will not sway my intended storyline, since STM is never a popularity contest.)

2. If you haven’t already voted in my Sims2 Default Neighborhoods / Families Polls, please do so, since that may give me ideas for new machinima after this season of STM is concluded. [Vote Here]

3. You can also suggest story ideas. Take note of my existing work to get a general idea of the kind of videos I’d probably make, so you won’t end up suggesting something I’m not remotely interested in.

4. Watch this Parody of STM#1: Aftermath. Remember this takes place in another Watcher’s universe. Watch her “Chronicles of Old Haven” series on her alternate YT channel.


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