STM Alternate Universe 1: Football Match

Capps & Montys go to “war” on the football pitch…
aided by Pleasantview, Strangetown, & the Summerdreams…

How will Don Lothario fare as a Defender?
General Buzz Grunt as a Goalkeeper?
Patrizio Monty & Consort Capp as Rival Managers?

While waiting for my next STM episode, read my first completed Sims screenshot story (co-written with Sims2Player):
[GOAL!! Sims Football/Soccer Match: PVCS vs STM]

– A full 90-minute Football Match that took place in an Alternate Universe, where the Veronaville Disaster did NOT happen.
– We know that a 90-minute match is NOT possible in actual Sims gameplay, so this is clearly done via machinima-style manipulation.
This story *will* remind you of STM, so you can treat it as an “Alternate Universe STM Episode”.

Which side will Kent Capp play on…? :o

1. [Before the Kickoff]
2. [1st Half]
3. [Half-Time: Dressing Room]
4. [2nd Half]
5. [Final Whistle & Match Stats]
6. [FAQ]

This is only the FIRST of the “STM Alternate Universes” screenshot stories that I’ve planned.

This style of screenshot-taking is similar to machinima-filming, but not so taxing and time-consuming.

When I made [this pic of Bianca & Kent playing football] during the World Cup 2014 season, I knew the Montys and Capps will have to settle their feud on the soccer pitch.


The delay for STM 2.06(B) is due to a major oversight on my part in terms of default Sims 2 animations (as opposed to Sims 4 animations, the only Sims game that I’m actively “playing” in 2015). There are also other external factors beyond my control, but that has been more or less sorted out now.

My original target release date was in mid-Sept, but that is no longer possible. While I am not entirely sure exactly how many percent it is complete, there has been too much progress to turn back. The only way now is forward.

Remember, this episode differs slightly from usual STM fare.
However, it’s nothing “strange” to see “strange” things in STM…

However, some good news: Over the past week, I have been collaborating with another simmer to create a jointly-owned (one-time) fanon — a football-themed screenshot story, set in an Alternate Universe to STM. So there will be a mixture of base-game themes and STM ideas.

As screenshot stories take significantly less time to produce than machinima, this project is currently in its last few phases, and is likely to appear within the next 2 weeks. now available for reading at [this link]. (Only after this would I return to STM…)

As this story will remind you of STM to some extent, just treat it as an “Alternate STM episode”.

This is only the first of the “Alternate Universe STM” screenshot stories that I have in mind.

I fear that Windows 10 may be the last OS to support Sims 2. Windows 10’s mainstream support ends in Oct 2020 (according to Microsoft’s timeline), so I have only 5 years left to finish all of Season 2.

Though I am busy, I hate rushing, as that compromises the quality of my work. So after 2.06(B) & (C), I MAY be faced with a difficult decision — to produce the remaining STM episodes as [screenshot stories] instead of as machinima.

I have NOT decided on this yet, so this is not final. However, this football story is a good trial run for me, to see how comfortable am I in producing screenshot stories.
Even if I eventually decide to go down this path, you shouldn’t expect to see the new STM screenshot chapters every week, but perhaps every 2-3 months or so — an improvement from 4-6 months, I suppose.

Order-Switching in STM Season 2

It’s been a while. The production issues in STM 2.06(B) are yet to be fully resolved. I’m seriously thinking of skipping over STM 2.06(B) for now, and work on STM 2.06(C) instead — and try to get it done asap.

Hopefully, by then, I would have a better idea of how to tackle 2.06(B), and release it AFTER 2.06(C). Remember that these two parts are originally scenes in the same episode, so it’s a manner of switching the order.

Order-switching is not new in STM, as 1.06 Order and 1.07 Darkness are deliberately switched around.

I’ve also been delayed by some not-so-pleasant issues with Windows 10, which I documented in this [other post]. Issues

Too many Sims fans have been banned on because they are underage. It’s because of the layout of the global Wikia sign-up form.

If being 13 and above is a prerequisite for being a member of, the sign-up form should reflect the respective birth years.

If I was the one designing this sign-up page, I will also prominently display the “13+ only” rule on the sign-up page itself, instead of hiding it in the TOS (since few people bother to read the fine print, before clicking “Agree”).

To some extent, this could reduce the number of underage sign-ups, so Wikia admins would have less banning to do.

In 2015, birth years should stop at 2002.
How else do you enforce a 13+ rule?

In the “Facebook era”, many people tend to freely display / flaunt their personal information in online profiles. Some Wikia user profile pages even display potentially identifying information, especially (but not limited to) their birthday and/or real name.

While users are free to edit/change this info whenever they like, Wikia pages’ HISTORY function keeps previous versions of userpages too, so this info is (in most cases) is never completely erased.

As many Wikias tend to deal with lighthearted / recreational subject matters, a user who has revealed / used their real name on a Wikia, may find it less easy to dissociate it from a possible future professional persona.

That’s why I am extremely selective with anything I post on Wikia, especially on one where I’m not an admin. I certainly think twice before clicking “publish” on a site with potentially eternal records.

These are some of the reasons why I prefer WordPress to Wikia. I am the boss of my own blog, so I choose what, when, how and why I publish any given article.

Sims 2 compatible with Windows 10?

EDIT (Aug 21 2015): As a trial run, I did the Windows 10 Upgrade on another laptop, which does NOT contain my Sims 2 game*, but had the Origin game client installed (required for Sims 4 and Sims 2 Ultimate Collection).

* I film and edit machinima on my “old” Sims 2, installed via game discs, on my “main” computer. My “second” computer is the one with the Origin client, Sims 4 and Sims 2 Ultimate Collection.

In Windows 10, I could NOT run the Origin client at all, because the msvcp100.dll file was missing. Copying/pasting the missing dll file did not solve the problem for me. I also tried uninstalling Origin, but the lack of that same dll file prevented me from reinstalling Origin.

As a result, I’m thinking of RESETTING Windows 10 on this computer, but I have yet to decide whether I leave Sims 4 on it, or move it to my other computer with Sims 2.

I consider this a “bad experience” with Windows 10. As I don’t have the time to sweat over my perfectly-functioning games, I will likely leave my Sims 2 computer’s Windows 8.1 untouched.

I may or may not change my mind about this in future, but if I do, I’ll update this post again.

EDIT (July 29 2015): I shall wait for other non-machinima simmers to fully test the compatibility of Sims 2 with Windows 10, before I take any action on my own computer. I’ll update this post with my progress on this subject.

Back in 2013-2014, I was concerned about [Sims 2’s compatibility with Windows 8.1], which I ended up solving by installing the Double Deluxe version instead of the 2004 four CD version.

On Win 8.1, Sims 2 ran well enough for me to film and edit machinima.

But now, as Windows 10 looms on the horizon, I’m unsure if Sims 2 can run well enough to film quality footage for my sims shows.

While the Win 10 upgrade is “optional”, it may feel somewhat forced, because it’s important to have a version of Windows that is [supported for security updates]. But in terms of Sims 2, this change may come across as fixing what isn’t broken.

The Win 10 upgrade may possibly be irreversible is reversible only for the first month after the upgrade, and I’m not willing to risk letting go of Sims 2 yet.

I consider Sims 2 to be the best equipped for machinima, though it is no doubt dated in terms of its default content. I don’t feel compelled to download excessive amounts of custom content for Sims 2, possibly because I don’t “play” it anymore, like how I “play” Sims 4 now.

Sims 3 default content is more diverse and contemporary, but the sim characters look like plasticine models.

Sims 4 characters look much better, and the default items are even more attuned to 2015. But without enough pose boxes and animation hacks, I can’t control the sets well enough.

Unless Sims 4 becomes more machinima-friendly, I’ll have to stick with Sims 2 for my sims shows to continue.

Has the timer already started ticking for the [beginning of the end], in terms of OS support for Sims 2? :(

Assuming Win 10 and Sims 2 machinima are compatible, does this also mean that I have to RUSH through STM, to complete all 12 episodes by Oct 2020? :o

STM 2.06(B) Progress Updates (%)

Good news, the set for STM 2.06(B) is complete, so filming may begin.

From now onwards, ALL percentage updates (0-99%) for a particular episode will be ADDED to a single blog post. So for 2.06(B) progress in subsequent weeks, always refer to this post you’re reading now.

But when I hit 100%, the episode release will be announced in a completely new post, as well as on the official STM site.

In the meantime, while the episode is still being created, if I create other blog posts, they may be of various other Sims topics, and those won’t directly reference STM percentages.

Meanwhile, the pic above is taken in the Sims 4 version of Bianca Monty’s STM house. The Monty siblings are celebrating a cheerful reunion over drinks, while Kent Capp still feels kinda awkward.

STM 2.06(B) will NOT be exactly like this.
Not all 3 Veronaville Natives will appear in this manner.

Instead, only some elements / ideas / vibes from that pic will appear in the “somewhat strange” episode — and also because it’ll be made with Sims 2, as usual.

To know what exactly to expect for STM 2.06(B), see [this post].

July 4: Filming Starts

July 19: 15% – I’m doing all the difficult parts first.
– There’s also a Bianca Monty vs Kent Capp (Default/Canon Version) Poll on Sims Wikia. Lasts for two weeks. Timer expired. Link now leads to that Battle’s Archive. It’s interesting many of the voters thought of STM when considering those two Underdogs of Veronaville.

Aug 3: Hit a roadblock during production. I had forgotten that in Sims 2, the sims don’t multitask as well as they do in Sims 4. I have to find a way around that, but I won’t give up.

Sep 3: Wrote a [short update about my approach to STM] on SimsDynamic.

For reasons that I cannot divulge yet, I’m not sure how many % of the episode is truly complete. But the progress is generally “too far to turn back or stop”.

Sep 16: Read this major update. I will release another short STM-related fanon, before returning to the actual episode.

OK? This list will be updated, so be sure to check here :)

Sims 4 Get To Work: Scientist Career – Gameplay Bugs & Thoughts

Yes, the scientist is Sims 4 Dr Prometheus Hyde, the Watcher of the STM Universe.

– The middle levels of the science career have nice light blue lab coats :) That’s what FutureSims Lab has in common with Hyde Dynamic.

I initially thought of reassigning the careers of the relevant STM sims, so they can all work together here in nice blue lab coats. Unfortunately…

– Many of the work-related goals are Read More: Limitations of Sim Science, Party at Alien World Sixam