Too many Sims fans have been banned on because they are underage. It’s because of the layout of the global Wikia sign-up form.

If being 13 and above is a prerequisite for being a member of, the sign-up form should reflect the respective birth years.

If I was the one designing this sign-up page, I will also prominently display the “13+ only” rule on the sign-up page itself, instead of hiding it in the TOS (since few people bother to read the fine print, before clicking “Agree”).

To some extent, this could reduce the number of underage sign-ups, so Wikia admins would have less banning to do.

In 2015, birth years should stop at 2002.
How else do you enforce a 13+ rule?

In the “Facebook era”, many people tend to freely display / flaunt their personal information in online profiles. Some Wikia user profile pages even display potentially identifying information, especially (but not limited to) their birthday and/or real name.

While users are free to edit/change this info whenever they like, Wikia pages’ HISTORY function keeps previous versions of userpages too, so this info is (in most cases) is never completely erased.

As many Wikias tend to deal with lighthearted / recreational subject matters, a user who has revealed / used their real name on a Wikia, may find it less easy to dissociate it from a possible future professional persona.

That’s why I am extremely selective with anything I post on Wikia, especially on one where I’m not an admin. I certainly think twice before clicking “publish” on a site with potentially eternal records.

These are some of the reasons why I prefer WordPress to Wikia. I am the boss of my own blog, so I choose what, when, how and why I publish any given article.

Sims 2 compatible with Windows 10?

Back in 2013-2014, I was concerned about [Sims 2’s compatibility with Windows 8.1], which I ended up solving by installing the Double Deluxe version instead of the 2004 four CD version.

On Win 8.1, Sims 2 ran well enough for me to film and edit machinima.

But now, as Windows 10 looms on the horizon, I’m unsure if Sims 2 can run well enough to film quality footage for my sims shows.

While the Win 10 upgrade is “optional”, it may feel somewhat forced, because it’s important to have a version of Windows that is [supported for security updates]. But in terms of Sims 2, this change may come across as fixing what isn’t broken.

The Win 10 upgrade may possibly be irreversible, and I’m not willing to risk letting go of Sims 2 yet.

I consider Sims 2 to be the best equipped for machinima, though it is no doubt dated in terms of its default content. I don’t feel compelled to download excessive amounts of custom content for Sims 2, possibly because I don’t “play” it anymore, like how I “play” Sims 4 now.

Sims 3 default content is more diverse and contemporary, but the sim characters look like plasticine models.

Sims 4 characters look much better, and the default items are even more attuned to 2015. But without enough pose boxes and animation hacks, I can’t control the sets well enough.

Unless Sims 4 becomes more machinima-friendly, I’ll have to stick with Sims 2 for my sims shows to continue.

Has the timer already started ticking for the [beginning of the end], in terms of OS support for Sims 2? :(

Assuming Win 10 and Sims 2 machinima are compatible, does this also mean that I have to RUSH through STM, to complete all 12 episodes by Oct 2020? :o

STM 2.06(B) Progress Updates (%)

Good news, the set for STM 2.06(B) is complete, so filming may begin.

From now onwards, ALL percentage updates (0-99%) for a particular episode will be ADDED to a single blog post. So for 2.06(B) progress in subsequent weeks, always refer to this post you’re reading now.

But when I hit 100%, the episode release will be announced in a completely new post, as well as on the official STM site.

In the meantime, while the episode is still being created, if I create other blog posts, they may be of various other Sims topics, and those won’t directly reference STM percentages.

Meanwhile, the pic above is taken in the Sims 4 version of Bianca Monty’s STM house. The Monty siblings are celebrating a cheerful reunion over drinks, while Kent Capp still feels kinda awkward.

STM 2.06(B) will NOT be exactly like this.
Not all 3 Veronaville Natives will appear in this manner.

Instead, only some elements / ideas / vibes from that pic will appear in the “somewhat strange” episode — and also because it’ll be made with Sims 2, as usual.

To know what exactly to expect for STM 2.06(B), see [this post].

July 4: Filming Starts
July 19: 15% – I’m doing all the difficult parts first.
– There’s also a Bianca Monty vs Kent Capp (Default/Canon Version) Poll on Sims Wikia. Lasts for two weeks. Please follow their rules.

OK? This list will be updated, so be sure to check here :)

Sims 4 Get To Work: Scientist Career – Gameplay Bugs & Thoughts

Yes, the scientist is Sims 4 Dr Prometheus Hyde, the Watcher of the STM Universe.

– The middle levels of the science career have nice light blue lab coats :) That’s what FutureSims Lab has in common with Hyde Dynamic.

I initially thought of reassigning the careers of the relevant STM sims, so they can all work together here in nice blue lab coats. Unfortunately…

– Many of the work-related goals are Read More: Limitations of Sim Science, Party at Alien World Sixam

Sims 4 Get To Work: Doctor Career – Gameplay Bugs & Thoughts

All patients who appear at the hospital or other public venues are Unplayed Sims. Even if the house call takes place in a Played sim’s home, the patients are still Unplayed visitors.

I usually prioritize patients with sores as skin overlay (see above pic), as I can immediately Read More: Disappearing Babies & Random Illness Reload Bug

Sims 4 Get To Work: Detective Career – Gameplay Bugs & Thoughts

Evidence and witness statements from previous cases can be used to solve new cases. In reality, that doesn’t make any sense, but it does seem to work in my game — as in, this has never created an inaccurate description of the suspect, or caused me to arrest the wrong sim (though other simmers have reported their clues were inaccurate, so their arrests became false).

As a result, my detective Read More: Interrogation Techniques & Unexpected Death on Crime Scene

Update: Sims 4 Get to Work & STM 2.06(B)

[EDIT: June 24, 2015] STM 2.06(B)’s script is confirmed, while I’m still working on the set. Once the set is done, filming may begin. Please read this entire blog post for more info on what to expect for 2.06(B).

Meanwhile, you can also check out my commentaries on Sims 4 Get To Work Active Careers: Detective, Doctor & Scientist.

[Original Post: June 10, 2015] Over the next two weeks, I will be releasing a short series of blog posts about Sims 4 Get To Work. These are largely my own observations of gameplay mechanics and oddities. My aging settings are

Played Sims: Aging Off | Unplayed Sims: Aging On

so all the original inhabitants of Willow Creek and Oasis Springs have died out by now.

So far, the only major STM premades I have put into that Sims 4 world are the trio of Veronaville Natives: Kent Capp, Bianca & Antonio Monty (see the first two in the above pic), as I don’t spend a lot of time creating sims in CAS, especially the ones who have established facial structures from Sims 2.

My Oasis Springs is also FULL of Racing Men — more than the “usual 8 names” on the “official” Racing Roster. There are more than 10 of us now…

After completing a Sims video, Hyde gets a “Completed Video” moodlet (Confident +1, approx 2 Watcher weeks), during which he does not start the next episode yet. Now that the moodlet has almost completely expired, I’m starting to carefully review the STM 2.06(B) script and set before production can continue.

This procedure will take place at the same time as the 3 blog posts about Sims 4 Get To Work.

Several things about STM 2.06(B):

– It seems different from the standard STM fare. In fact, it seems to fly off on a tangent. Remember, this was originally written as the “middle” segment of “STM 2.06″. There will be a third part, 2.06(C), which would bring the episode full-circle.

– I am more invested in the characters involved, so this episode has a good chance of being available more quickly.

In 2015, I only load Sims 2 (& 3) for filming, as I “play” only Sims 4 these days.

As for recently-released STM 2.06(A), did anyone catch any references to any of my earlier videos, in particular, the last scene involving Vidcund Curious? How many times has Vidcund done “things like that” “during office hours”, when the boss isn’t looking…? :o