2035 Match: PleasantView, Capp, Summerdream, StrangeTown & Monty 20 Years Later

2035 Match[EDIT: Nov 21 2015] The [second chapter], introducing the 2035 StrangeTown and Monty families, is ready today.

This chapter (and surprisingly Chapter 3 too) is NOT football-intensive either. You’ll find out why when you’ve read Chapter 2 in full…

How many simmers [guessed the 4 Team Managers correctly]? ;)

[Original Post: Nov 15 2015]

The [first chapter] of sequel to the 2015 Match is finally ready. These aren’t simply Antonio Monty’s kids from STM 2.06(B), but also the younger generation of Pleasantview and Strangetown too.

This first chapter (and the 2nd one) will be LESS football-intensive, as they introduce what happened to the families during the 2 decades that elapsed after the previous match.

You’ll also find out who are the representatives of Pleasantview and Capp/Summerdream who became the managers of Team PVCS. So you still have time to guess the Strangetown and Monty team managers Revealed in Chapter 2 ;)

Please note that this 2035 Match is done SIMULTANEOUSLY with STM 2.06(C), and that the MAIN STM Machinima series is NOT cancelled.

STM 2.06(B) – The Patriarch 2 — 100%

[EDIT: Nov 9 2015] New Sims Wikia Fanon Article for [Sepp Rossi]. It clarifies the GTR98 jargon in Sims terms.

How many simmers guessed the “4th Racing Man” correctly?

Roadblocks have been overcome, so the results of my latest balancing act is finally ready. This is the middle part of my original long script of STM 2.06, and the overall longest episode so far.

[StrangeTown Monty 2.06(B) – The Patriarch Part 2]

This episode focuses on the following Patriarchs:
– Feuding Fathers of Monte Vista & Roaring Heights
– Racing Men
– Antonio Monty

Instead of a new Poll for this episode, I have a New STM Quiz (15 qns, mix of easy & tricky), which you should only attempt after watching 2.06(B) in full.

In the NEXT part, STM 2.06(C), we go back to Strangetown to see the conclusion of the sticky situation in Specter’s House…

Writing stories / making machinima is a balancing act between (what the fans want), and (what the author wants).

If there isn’t enough of (the part the author wants), there’s a risk of the author losing interest in the entire project, so neither part (not even “the part fans want”) gets produced.

In the case of premade Sims, all simmers start off with an identical sandbox. The CAS and non-canonical aspects are what makes one simmer’s show/story different from another simmer’s.

So note that [if I never did put the Racing Men in STM], the entire show might have been cancelled in early-2014. Aren’t you glad I’ve chosen an approach where I can maintain my interest in continuing the series?

As always, the show’s NOT over unless I explicitly say it is.

STM 2.06(B) 80%; Upcoming Story Experiment

[EDIT: Nov 5 2015] STM 2.06(B) is 95% complete. There is an excellent chance for it to be available this weekend, assuming the last 5% does not lead to a roadblock.

This upcoming chapter will be the longest STM episode so far, surpassing STM 2.05(B) Grimm Prospects 2. If that previous episode is about two Racing Men discussing Strangetown’s latest scandal…

Then expect this new episode to be about two other Racing Men discussing matters pertaining to Veronaville… and Antonio Monty’s impossible situation.

Here is an actual scene in the upcoming 2.06(B):

– This pic can also be interpreted as a teaser for the next football story, the one where all the premade Elders are dead. These kids will all be grown up by then.

Look out for clues in this pic. However, not all obvious details will necessarily be true in the final tale…

– Since they are all Veronaville natives, there is also a chance that not everyone in this pic will survive to appear in the next match… :(

[Original Post: Oct 22 2015]

STM 2.06(B) is about 80% complete.
As promised, here is the 3rd type of scene:

Antonio Monty strikes back at the Veronaville Device…? :o
Literally or figuratively?

There are also two new Sims Wikia Fanon Articles:
[Veronaville Disaster] & [Veronaville Device].

At 95%, I will post another pic, but meanwhile…

Dr Hyde is experimenting again.

There will be a sequel to the Sims Football Match, also co-written with S2P. It will be written slightly differently, so simmers who are less into football can enjoy it as much as any other Sims story.

This next match takes place after ALL premade Elders from all 3 neighborhoods are dead.

It will be released one chapter at a time AFTER STM 2.06(B) is finished, and will be produced in the weeks when I’m CONCURRENTLY working on STM 2.06(C).

While the overall form is still “Live Update Parody”, there will be more Sims story dialogue that takes place on the field itself, not just during Half-Time in the dressing rooms.

There will also be some “background chapters” which are less football-intensive, as they focus on what happened to the sims’ families since the previous match — and those will be marked as such.

Remember Dina Caliente’s alien baby from my early video parody? ;)
This alien guy is now old enough to play for Team PVCS, and has a major role in the story.

Similarly, the Curious Brothers’ grown-up alien babies (Newton, Vivian & Zoe) will also be playing, but on Team STM instead.

Some marriages are also implied to have taken place shortly after the 2015 Match, so expect their offspring to make an appearance. Premade teens / children / toddlers such as Tank Grunt, Hal Capp and Beau Broke are also the right age to participate.

Unfortunately, the Veronaville Feud is still ongoing, so some non-Elder sims may not survive to participate :(

But I’m not asking you to guess who died.
Instead, I’m asking you to guess who will be the new managers for both teams.

A Sim is more likely to become the manager if they:
1. Have a good standing in their neighborhood
2. Had a good performance in the 2015 match

The choice of managers determines the focus of the story, so you may think of the possible drama on the bench / dressing room, depending on who are leading the teams…

Have fun. See you at the next match! :)

STM 2.06(B) – 55% – Screenshot Preview

STM 2.06(B) is more challenging than 2.06(C), and I proceeded with the more difficult part first. Now at 55% completion, there is a decent-to-good chance for the full episode to be available in late October or early November.

2.06(B) is the middle segment of my original long script for STM 2.06. This part contains a mixture of Sims 2 & Sims 3 scenes, and focuses more on Veronaville than Strangetown.

Here are the two (of the three) types of scenes to expect in this part:

Sims 2: Baptiste, the Red Racing Man in Hyde Dynamic Veronaville, or “The Referee” in the [Football / Soccer Match Screenshot Story], which takes place in a STM Alternate Universe. This “Sports Live Update” Parody may tide you over till I’ve completed the main STM episode.

WHO is he talking to in this scene… and why?
There’s still time for you to guess in the “Other 5 Racing Men” [Poll]

Sims 3: This Consort & Contessa Capp screenshot is more of a Blooper, since mobile phones were not commonplace in the Watcher World in the late 1970s.

I will show you the 3rd type of scene in a later post, when I’m closer to finishing.

Remember, as long as I’m in good health, the show is NOT over unless I explicitly say so. Take care, and thank you for checking my updates.

STM Alternate Universe 1: Football Match

Capps & Montys go to “war” on the football pitch…
aided by Pleasantview, Strangetown, & the Summerdreams…

How will Don Lothario fare as a Defender?
General Buzz Grunt as a Goalkeeper?
Patrizio Monty & Consort Capp as Rival Managers?

While waiting for my next STM episode, read my first completed Sims screenshot story (co-written with Sims2Player):
[Sims Football/Soccer Match: PVCS vs STM – 2015]

– A full 90-minute Football Match that took place in an Alternate Universe, where the Veronaville Disaster did NOT happen.
– We know that a 90-minute match is NOT possible in actual Sims gameplay, so this is clearly done via machinima-style manipulation.
This story *will* remind you of STM, so you can treat it as an “Alternate Universe STM Episode”.

Which side will Kent Capp play on…? :o

1. [Before the Kickoff]
2. [1st Half]
3. [Half-Time: Dressing Room]
4. [2nd Half]
5. [Final Whistle & Match Stats]
6. [FAQ]

This is only the FIRST of the “STM Alternate Universes” screenshot stories that I’ve planned.

This style of screenshot-taking is similar to machinima-filming, but not so taxing and time-consuming.

When I made [this pic of Bianca & Kent playing football] during the World Cup 2014 season, I knew the Montys and Capps will have to settle their feud on the soccer pitch.


The delay for STM 2.06(B) is due to a major oversight on my part in terms of default Sims 2 animations (as opposed to Sims 4 animations, the only Sims game that I’m actively “playing” in 2015). There are also other external factors beyond my control, but that has been more or less sorted out now.

My original target release date was in mid-Sept, but that is no longer possible. While I am not entirely sure exactly how many percent it is complete, there has been too much progress to turn back. The only way now is forward.

Remember, this episode differs slightly from usual STM fare.
However, it’s nothing “strange” to see “strange” things in STM…

However, some good news: Over the past week, I have been collaborating with another simmer to create a jointly-owned (one-time) fanon — a football-themed screenshot story, set in an Alternate Universe to STM. So there will be a mixture of base-game themes and STM ideas.

As screenshot stories take significantly less time to produce than machinima, this project is currently in its last few phases, and is likely to appear within the next 2 weeks. now available for reading at [this link]. (Only after this would I return to STM…)

As this story will remind you of STM to some extent, just treat it as an “Alternate STM episode”.

This is only the first of the “Alternate Universe STM” screenshot stories that I have in mind.

I fear that Windows 10 may be the last OS to support Sims 2. Windows 10’s mainstream support ends in Oct 2020 (according to Microsoft’s timeline), so I have only 5 years left to finish all of Season 2.

Though I am busy, I hate rushing, as that compromises the quality of my work. So after 2.06(B) & (C), I MAY be faced with a difficult decision — to produce the remaining STM episodes as [screenshot stories] instead of as machinima.

I have NOT decided on this yet, so this is not final. However, this football story is a good trial run for me, to see how comfortable am I in producing screenshot stories.
Even if I eventually decide to go down this path, you shouldn’t expect to see the new STM screenshot chapters every week, but perhaps every 2-3 months or so — an improvement from 4-6 months, I suppose.

Order-Switching in STM Season 2

It’s been a while. The production issues in STM 2.06(B) are yet to be fully resolved. I’m seriously thinking of skipping over STM 2.06(B) for now, and work on STM 2.06(C) instead — and try to get it done asap.

Hopefully, by then, I would have a better idea of how to tackle 2.06(B), and release it AFTER 2.06(C). Remember that these two parts are originally scenes in the same episode, so it’s a manner of switching the order.

Order-switching is not new in STM, as 1.06 Order and 1.07 Darkness are deliberately switched around.

I’ve also been delayed by some not-so-pleasant issues with Windows 10, which I documented in this [other post].