STM 2.05(B) – 30%


STM2.05(B): The most difficult scene is finally filmed and edited, but the entire show is only about 30% complete. The good news is that I’m now running Sims2 on Windows 8.1, so STM 2.05(B) will be the first episode to be in widescreen.

As a result, there were some scenes meant for 2.05(B) which were shot in the 4:3 resolution during the 2.05(A) days, before I decided to split the episode. Those scenes had to be re-filmed.

I also restarted the entire STM merged neighborhood. Some of the sets have been redesigned in a minor way. I have kept most of the sets very similar to what you saw in the preceding episodes: Bianca Monty‘s house, the Curious Brothers’ Observatory, the Specter/Grimm Estate, Ajay Loner‘s shack, and the two Hyde Dynamic buildings (one next to Specter’s house, the other one mile outside Strangetown).

I’m aiming for a November/December 2014 release for 2.05(B). The script for episode 2.05 is twice the length of my usual scripts, so it feels like two episodes. Seems like I’ve accurately estimated my 2014 video project timeline.

Sims 4


Well, well, well. I have not bought the Sims 4 yet, but according to the Sims Wikia, only characters from Pleasantview / Sunset Valley have been included in the “alternate universes” of Willow Creek (Goth) and Oasis Springs (Lothario, Caliente, Landgraab). I’m not surprised at the developer’s choices of “returning” premades, as these are the most popular with the mainstream fans.

But I would be happier if they had included the Curiouses and/or Specters in the DESERT town of Oasis Springs, and absolutely over the moon if the Montys and/or Capps made any appearance at all.

Looks like I may have to create my favorite “premade” characters if I want them in my Sims 4 town. Or download them, if other fans make them available (hint, hint). Who knows, if I’m comfortable enough with Sims 4 filming, Sims 4 incarnations of Bianca Monty & friends may make an appearance in STM too.

With the pre-release Sims 4 Demo, I only had the time to create one sim — and I’m not very satisfied with the clothes recoloring system, hairstyles and facial hair selections. For the Sims 3, I waited till the 9th EP (!!!) — University Life – to get the correct long beard for me and my Racing Men. I hope I don’t have to wait too many EPs for the right elements to create characters to my satisfaction.

Will there be cars / motorcycles in the Sims 4 for us to race with? I like the way we open car doors in Sims 2, and the way cars move along the streets in Sims 3. My Racing Men & I have gone many laps around most Sims 3 main neighborhoods, alongside the exotic locales in S3 World Adventures and (storywise only) S2 Bon Voyage.

I am planning to complete STM 2.05(B) before I officially buy Sims 4. Time hasn’t been on my side :( , but production has progressed since my last post :)

Ultimate Collection, Difficult Time


Update Aug 29 2014: Sims Wikia Fanon Article for [General Grunt].

I have updated my Tutorial on [Resetting/Restoring Sims 2 Neighborhoods] with [additional information on the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection]. Finally, we can all run this game properly on Windows 8.1.

I am still filming STM, but at a slow rate, as predicted at the beginning of 2014. I’m going through a rather difficult time now, which may last till the end of this year, but I’m still slowly creating this show. Even though I hardly have time/energy to film/edit these days, I’m NOT planning to stop. Stay tuned for more updates.