Hiatus Over – CAS Calculated Risks


The football hiatus is over, and I’m back to my usual video-making habits. But don’t expect STM 2.05(B) so quickly, as it’s still a busy year for me.

My Sims stories may contain many premade characters, but my storylines tend to veer off the usual expectations of default neighborhoods. In STM, I wrote 1.02-1.09 to be closer to most fans’ expectations of Strangetown, but my story took on a more “customized” CAS turn from 1.10 onwards. So STM became more like “Strangetown Fringe than “Strangetown Strangetown”. There is a fine balance between writing for the fans, and writing a tale that the writer himself enjoys — considering that this is his hobby.

It’s also clear that my primary aspiration is Knowledge, not Popularity. That’s why I dare to take calculated risks by experimenting with my story plots and storytelling methods. A guy who calls himself “Prometheus” can’t possibly be the people-pleasing sort who prioritizes mainstream approval.

I’ve stated before, in the context of Pleasantview, that if exactly the same (default) characters and storyline directions are done by many fans, the resulting plot lines will be overtly similar. The same thing can be said of Strangetown, Veronaville, or just about any other town, IF done by enough fans. (But of course, I still prefer Strangetown / Veronaville stories to those about Pleasantview.)

That’s why some CAS elements are necessary in these tales to give a unique touch from the author. Some people think my way of looking at the world is bizarre. At the very least, my stories open your eyes to a realm of possibilities — and I’m happy with that.

STM = Strangetown + Veronaville + Fringe Green + Hyde Blue

Time Travel


The football season isn’t quite over, so I’ve not yet returned to creating STM.

Meanwhile, take a look at this new machinima by a promising new director. By 2014, I think stories of the Goth family (and Pleasantview) are overdone ad nauseam by too many fans, at the expense of other characters of other towns. I have always been neutral towards the Goth family, and have always preferred other sims to them.

But I’ll make a positive exception for this show, because the director approaches this family from an angle that I particularly like.

[The Goths Through Time, Episode 1, by Dutchlishsim]

Sims Freeplay fans: I won’t bother with the Carnival Update, if I still have to pay to keep my sims alive. My sims are perfectly happy after I relocated them to Sims 2/3 (at least they have more diverse facial structures now). I will also check out Sims 4 when it becomes available. PC versions are always better, since they are not so watered-down.

At the moment, I have no immediate plans to go back to Sims Freeplay, but I will still check out FP-related news.

STM Reupload


There were problems with STM episodes 1.06 – 2.02, so I decided to reupload them all. I’m not a Popularity sim, so the viewcount reset does not bother me. This has nothing to do with the series chronology / timeline. The next episode to expect after STM 2.05(A) is *still* STM 2.05(B).

I’m still busy with my Secret Project, so I won’t be answering many messages, and STM remains on hiatus. But I’m definitely continuing the show, as soon as I’m able to.